Friday, June 24, 2011

Summer Fun

Well, it took a while to make my first post. I have been a traveling library girl this summer. My family and I left for Seagrove Beach on May 30 for a week. Then, we made our way to Destin the following week. We returned home on June 12 and had three short and busy days full of doctors appts. Then, on June 15, we headed out again for Disney World! While at Disney, we attended a cousin's wedding and had 3 fun-filled days in the parks. We are now home for a couple of weeks before heading out to Destin again for a week in July. WOW! We have been busy! I'm definitely missing my co-workers. Since being home for a few days, I am getting a sense of urgency and feeling overwhelmed about getting the library ready for the start of school! Anyone have any ideas for learning stations in the library and the arrangment?? My wheels are spinning but I could definitely use some help with ideas!


  1. References need to be addressed, so that could be the topic of one of your stations...or you could have a dictionary station (Check out digging through the dictionary from "What are the Other Children -or Kids, can't remember- Doing While You Teach Small Groups?"), an encyclopedia station, an internet research station, and an "other book" research station...I'm coming from a second grade teacher's point of view. That's what I teach.


    Second Grade Strategies for Sizzlin' Second Graders!

    The Yellow Rocking Chair

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